My Closet: Knits on knits

photography by Azikiwe Aboagye

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Berkeley — Summer is approaching, but it may surprise you that my summer fabric is knit. Honestly, overcast days and breezy nights call for me to be enrobed in a knit’s warmth. And overcast was the setting the day I modeled a knit on knit outfit under gloomy Berkeley skies. I paired a ZARA knit dress with a vintage Aztec print sweater. I love this dress because of it’s ease. I am able to wear it in any season — in the summer with sandals, and in the Fall layered over a collared shirt. The sweater, which by an awesome coincidence matches the dress perfectly, was found while thrifting. Keeping with the brown color palette, I wore my Brixton tiller fedora hat, but to brighten my outfit wore my favorite new sneakers: the Neo Adidas Gazelles in baby pink. Although this outfit has a muted color palette, the pop of color on my feet breaks up the monotony of the brown. Wearing knits on knits is a daring move, I know, but so is wearing sneakers with dresses. I’m the kind of a girl who takes fashion risks, and we don’t judge around here, right?


Currently Coveting: Taste for tunics


The 70s called…and said they are here to stay. They? By “they” I mean the modern looks inspired by this era appearing in many collection from ASOS to Club Monaco. Although with 1970s fashion, your brain may go straight to bell bottoms, there are other styles that are making quite the resurgence. Tunics, which are the ultimate layering piece, are eye-catching, but more importantly, easy to style. ASOS dedicated a whole category of shopping just for tunics, and in browsing the section, I found two styles I love. One is this long white turtleneck tunic with high slits, and the other, this kitted tank with a fringe hem. Simply amazing…

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ASOS Knitted Tank in Stripe with Fringing and Tie Sides $50 | Buy here
ASOS Sleeveless Tunic In Structured Knit With Side Split and High Neck $73 | Buy here

Although two very different styles, both can be styled in unique ways, with colored skinny jeans or a chic suede skirt. These looks are breezy and summery — perfect for the office (the white one!) or an afternoon outing (the knitted one!).


My Closet: Tribal Times

photography by Azikiwe Aboagye

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Free People Tribal Hat $58 | Similar style here
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Vintage Tribal Joggers $20 | Similar style here
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Oakland — Like any true photographer, I sometimes blend into my surroundings — to get the perfect shot, of course. And with graffiti culture being so much a part of Bay Area’s landscape, this can be even more true when you add garments that match. This was a happy accident that occurred while strolling around Oakland’s Chinatown and I found an beautifully light alley way. I modeled a tribal print hat and joggers, with a pink crop top and loafers. I have always loved pairing different prints when styling outfits, so when I noticed that my hat has similar colors and patterns to my pants, I knew the look would be unique.

Breaking from the black, white, and brown color palette of my hat and pants, I added a pop of color with my top. I also wore brown tassel loafers for style, but also comfort. Blending in, truly, never felt so good.

Spotlight: My week in color

If you can’t tell by now, I’m a woman who loves color. Whether I spot a bright yellow building in San Francisco, or a friend’s pink shoes, I take a photo. I decided to put together my favorite color images from this week because honestly, nothing makes me happier than color and I want to spread the love. This may be a new feature to STYLEpaige, but for now check out this week’s best.

Ashby Flea Market

Shattuck Avenue

ArtxTrap party in San Francisco

de Young Museum – Bouquets of Art exhibit

Hippie Hill

The Cool Kids: Fashionably in a haze

Cannabis culture is a unique culture, in that people from different walks of life all consume marijuana. April 20th is marked as a special day to consume such drug — and there’s even a celebratory time: 4:20pm, of course. In San Francisco, this special day is celebrated in the historical Haight Asbury on Hippie Hill. And there you will see thousands of stoners unite in the name of good ganja. So why am I am talking about this on a fashion blog? Well, I traveled to Hippie Hill to see how the stoners dress, and there I saw some cool kids who were fashionably in a haze. All accessorized their looks with a smile. It’s a happy holiday.

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Currently Coveting: Embroidered Chains Scarf


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ZARA Embroidered Chains Scarf $39.90 | Buy here


Your spring scarf has arrived in the form of a necklace, thanks to ZARA. This beautifully embroidered chains scarf will give life to the dullest of T-shirts and dresses. I found this scarf while browsing for Spring accessories.  I was looking for scarves that were not knit or bulky, since Winter fashion is behind us (for now…), and came across this scarf that can also be dubbed as a necklace. Blogs are constantly talking about how to style around statement necklaces, but I truly feel that that they all look the same: colorful and bright geometric-shaped neckwear. This scarf (necklace) is elegant and soft, allowing you to give a feminine touch to your boyfriend jeans, or an added sparkle to your little black dress. Whatever your styling mood may be, you are golden in this understated statement piece.


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