My Closet: Puca Shells and Cut-offs


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Maison Scotch Puca Shells Jacket $150 (unavailable)
American Apparel Sexuli Tee $34 (Buy here)
Levi’s Cut-off Shorts $10 (Thrifted, but similar style here)
Barney’s Sandals $100 (Similar style here)
Vintage scarf worn on head (Similar style here)

Emeryville, CA. — After a few weeks a rain, the sun has finally decided the shine, and Spring has decided to arrive. This Maison Scotch puca shell shouldered jacket has been in my closet for some time now; an item I purchased on sale during the wrong season. Pairing it with a white t-shirt, Levi’s cut-offs and brown sandals, I still felt like my outfit was lacking some color. Grabbing a vibrant vintage scarf from my closet, I wrapped it in a bow around my head.

Sweet and simple. Plus, you have to ease outsiders into the puca shell trend returning — but, trust me on this. Although named one of the “Top Ten Worst Trends For Douchebags,” I think that only stands true for the hideous necklaces of the 1990s. In a modern way, Masion Scotch took the same beads that scared the 1990s, and made an amazing shoulder detail that is unique and striking.


Picture This: West Oakland Glimpse

For about year now, I have been photographing West Oakland — a neighborhood in transition, a neighborhood gentrifying. In addition to photographing street scenes, and people, I have also been capturing video, and interviewing the people affected by this change: the long-time residents of West Oakland. Here is a peek of the video I am working, but it is still in progress. Enjoy the imagery!

West Oakland from Paige Ricks on Vimeo.

My Closet: Palm Springs Livin’


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Vintage T-shirt (Stolen from my boyfriend – similar style here)
American Apparel Cuffed High-Waisted Shorts $58 (Similar style here)
Barney’s Sandals $100 (Similar style here)

About a month ago I traveled to Palm Springs for a short vacation before the Spring semester started. Having never traveled to the desert, I was excited to explore the area, take photos, and of course thrift shop. With my summer clothes in tow, I trekked to Palm Springs with my significant other, and we organized a few small, but fun photoshoots. Above I styled a simple outfit: My boyfriend’s oversized vintage t-shirt, tucked into olive green high-waisted shorts, and paired with brown summer sandals. The simplest of outfits are often the most comfortable, and in the desert heat, comfy is exactly what my attire called for. In this post I added some images I took while exploring not only Palm Springs, but also a unique community about a hour outside of Palm Springs, called Salton Sea.

Salton Sea sits below sea level, and was created by a flood that occured in 1905 when water flowed in from the Colorado River. It was once a popular tourist attraction during the 1950s, but now it is an attraction for lost roadtripers, grafitti artists and photographers like myself, looking to capture this place with their cameras. Although a mainly muted colored place, its energy is drawn through the contrast of grafitti-colored buildings against a beautiful sea landscape; vintage tellings of buildings and homes that once were; remanants of recent stranger visits, like forgotten jackets. I will continue to post photos from my trip in the coming weeks — even some stops we made while driving down the I-5!


image_2 image_3


fashion images by Azikiwe Aboagye | landscape images by Paige Ricks

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Currently Coveting: Taller Baller Tee

Screen Shot 2014-02-24 at 1.34.58 PM

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Stylestalker Taller Graphic T-shirt $72 (Buy here)

We all wish for something, whether that be a sweet new ride, or just a t-shirt, which states that you wish to be a little taller and a baller. Songs lyrics never rang so true before, and now thanks to the online shopping website 80s Purple, your wish can come true. No you won’t grow taller due to owning this tee, and you won’t be a baller (actually, you may be a baller — it’s more of a state of mind), but you’ll be tres chic in your graphic tee. Stylestalker’s Taller Tee features galaxy printed text design on a loose-fitted muscle tee, which can be paired perfectly paired with any style of denim bottoms or their very own Stylestalker’s own Space Jam Shorts. Yes, you read Space Jam, but its not that Space Jam (bummer!), but very far-out. Your welcome.

Spotlight: SOMA Magazine

Street fashion has long been the force driving runway fashion. Personal style is so unique to the individual, designers often look to common folks to know what’s hot, and what’s not. Because let’s be real here, we are an eclectic bunch of people. Commissioned by SOMA Magazine to document such fashion, I hit the streets and found just that. For the magazine’s Design Issue, I asked the stylish people of San Francisco some thought-provoking questions, like “Where do you look for obscure sources of inspiration?” and “If you could redesign any object, what would it be?” See the images and their answers here!Screen shot 2014-01-24 at 4.01.22 PM

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